Thursday, October 27, 2016

#cqww Experimental realtime propagation PE4BAS

Just as experiment I want to make a chart and display the number of WSPR spots for some continents. Just to see what propagation is like on 20m just before the CQWW SSB contest. I tried to make a prediction for our contestlocation but it seems to be difficult if you don't know exactly how propagation will behave next days. This night there was a huge radio black out on the HF bands and so far my 1W signal on 20m has not been spotted anywere at nighttime! Surprisingly I spotted a station from Chile south america this night. Below a chart I will try to update through the day with new info. In 24 hours there will be a complete graph over de day on 20m. Spots are combined spots received and transmitted (1W).

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Above the propagation at Thursday 27-October-2016. Well the chart is complete now and I want to continue tommorow with a new one. I think it gives usefull info about when a certain part of the world can be heard and worked. Nothing seen from Asia, Japan or Australasia today. Hopefully propagation is rising a bit we'll have a look at it tomorrow.

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Above the chart at 28-October-2016

Although it seems propagation is rising a bit (1 spot from Japan seen, yesterday nothing) it is still very low.

Looking at the sunspot numbers today is only 12 with high A and K values. The red line above is the estimated (forecast) sunspot number. It should be rising! The green dots representing real values measured.


Hans said...

Hallo Bas, Interessant item. Ik ben benieuwd of de uitslag van WSPR overeen zal komen met de bevindingen van de contest. Uiteraard zullen de condities per dag verschillen maar er zit toch een regelmaat in. En dat kan een voordeel zijn om de juiste tactiek toe te passen voor de contest. Succes. 73 Hans PE1BVQ

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hallo Hans, condities verschillen van dag tot dag. Het was vannacht heel erg slecht en vanmorgen ook nog. We moeten een strategie vinden omdat we hoofdzakelijk op 20m zitten. Wanneer moeten we overschakelen naar de lage banden. Ik probeer het morgen ook nog wat bij te houden. 73, Bas