Friday, July 29, 2016

PH0NO Lars activates Canadian WWFF

Lars PH0NO wrote last week:

Tomorrow l will be heading to VE3 with my family. It will be a first time visit for me to VE. I will be visiting my brother who lives in Toronto and travel around Ontario with my family.
Addicted as I am to activating WWFF reserves, I will be taking my mobile radio on this trip and with the great help of VA3RJ I have a list of VEFF locations within reach of the places I will be stopping.

Depending on our program - that will evolve as we are travelling around - I will try to find time slots to go out and activate a few reserves.
As most of the VE3 reserves have not been activated before I will be trying to get as many chasers in the log as possible. I am packing wire antennas for all phone bands from 40m up to 6m.
Looking at reaching the areas where most chasers live - EU and VK - using VOACAP I found that it will be quite a challenge. The best openings are forecast around VE dinner time. However I don't think I will be very popular if I skip dinner a number of times. Perhaps I can attract some (new) NA chasers as well.
Looking forward to this trip and to speaking to familiar chasers and new ones from VE3.

I got a message today that he will activate the first World Wide Flora & Fauna location this weekend:

Arrived in VE3 with my radio (it was thoroughly checked by customs). After meeting up with family in Toronto we are now on our way up to Manitoulin Island. From there I will go out to activate one or two VEFF reserves. Probably Saturday or Sunday evening.
Then we are travelling to Algonquin park that I plan to activate Wednesday or Thursday next week (perhaps in combination with another reserve nearby).
In two weeks from now I will be near the national park 1000 Islands that I also plan to activate.

Propagation seem to be not the best. Check the frequenties to work Lars. He will probabely be spotted on a DX cluster.


  1. Bedankt voor de promo Bas. Maandag ga ik de eerste proberen. Ik mik op start rond 21u CET. Volgens de voorspellingen meeste kans tussen 22-24u CET. 73, Lars

    1. We houden het in de gaten Lars, ik hoop dat het een succes word. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, mooi dat je hier aandacht aan besteed. Hierdoor zal het succes voor Lars alleen maar groter worden.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ.


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas