Thursday, July 21, 2016

​After nearly two decades, a spy "numbers" station is back on the air

Actually this is "old" news but I'm surprised no other blogger has picked it up yet.

I was unable to find a youtube video or any other recording of their "show" from last Friday. I'm shure it exists. If anyone knows, please let me know and I ad it to this post.

However, it's puzzling why they started to send coded messages via the old medium radio again as it's easy to send coded messages via the internet these days. It might be they lost contact with one or more secret agents? Another approach is that they just want to scare South Korea to show them they still have spies around. 


  1. Jammer er wordt nergens op Internet een fequentie genoemd.

    1. Je zou eens hier kunnen kijken: Ik begreep dat het gewoon opgelezen werd op de "Voice Of Korea", de internationale staatsradio zeg maar. 73, Bas


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