Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A good laugh ;-)

After reading some article on the blog of N0UN I had a good laugh. We all take this hobby too seriously. We really need more thinking "out of the box". Of course it is good to have a goal inside the hobby. For many that is collecting contacts and confirmations with as many countries (DXCC) as possible. For that many people inside this amateurradio hobby are doing crazy things like hunting for a DXpedition and taking days off from their job. Or getting home earlier to work a new DXCC. Some are not looking after their loved ones anymore just because they need that new DXCC. Some people take  a loan to buy expensive equipment or more power and a big antenna. After that some HAMradio amateurs paying lots of money for QSL cards and sometimes funding a DXpedition to a "rare" country. Now Wayne N0UN has been thinking about a new way funding a DXpedition. And in fact, I think he's did a good job thinking this over. In short Wayne would setup a bank account of half a million dollar for funding DXpeditions. Everyone can get this money after Wayne has been estimating the success of a certain DXpedition. Wayne does all the confirmation, he owns the DXpedition log so to say. Everyone who likes to have a confirmation (QSL, eQSL, LotW) pays him 100 dollar (per contact!). Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well, I think the HAMradio community would be crazy enough to pay 100 USD just to get a new one confirmed. If he has 5000 people crazy enough to do it those half million dollars are back on the account within no time to fund another DXpedition, and if more people are crazy, Wayne is doing a good job. Well, I guess now people are shocked about this. I'm not as I don't take it all too seriously and had a good laugh.

Think about this, we all going to die some day. So, if you worked/confirmed 100 DXCC or 339, no one cares. All your confirmations are going into the garbage in the end, and no one will remember your efforts. You had a lot of fun! But is that worth everything? Decide for yourself. Personally I have a lot of fun doing this hobby but not at the cost of everything. I keep dreaming but want to divide my time for other things to have fun with as well in live. I rarely pay for any radiocontact confirmation. See my thoughts about that here: Well, actually I think sometimes I'm too seriously myself. So, I'm thinking it all over and having.........a good laugh ;-)


  1. Hallo Bas, geweldig stukje. Ja, we nemen het leven soms veel te serious. Geniet van elke dag, zoals het komt. 73 Paul

    1. Hallo Paul, nu het weer weer mooi is kunnen we genieten. En dat doen we dan ook. 73, Bas


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