Friday, February 19, 2016

PACC 2016 log analyzing stats

Amazing how fast you forget things. Till you see it on another website. I almost forgot about the simple analyzing tool I wrote about in December last year. A great tool to simply analyze the PACC log. PF5T Frank used it in his story about the PACC. So, I just wanted to see some stats from my own log and what I did not know was the total time spend at the contest.

Only 8 hours and 42 minutes were spend in this 24 hour contest. Bringing my rate on roughly a half QSO per minute. I think that is not bad for a QRP station.
Some stats from the periods I was actually active. I missed the important time slot Saturday evening (19:30 UTC). But there were enough stations on 80m which could be worked through S&P. A amazing jump was made in the last hour of the contest. I remember 20m was open to Russia and it was like bees on honey. Strong signals from the east just what you need as QRP station.

Since the multiplier was 84 I thought to have worked more DXCC. But forgot that CW multipliers counted extra because of the new rule. 33 DXCC is not bad at all. Reunion, USA and Moldova as most interesting. I missed Canada. And never heard Australia actually, but that could be because I was not on the band at the right time.
Now I'm asking myself what my score would be if I did participate the full 24 hours? Well, it might be I do a QRP effort next year? I cannot decide on that already. But I certainly look forward to the PACC 2017 already.


  1. Good evening Bas, it's nice to break the log down and see the nuts and bolts of things. I used to use SH5 when I looked at the contest score. I am like you and look back and wonder "if I stayed longer maybe I could have place in the top" Oh well when you look back things always seem a bit more clearer than at the moment.

    1. Absolutely true Mike. I didn't have more time. But just asking afterwards is easy. I have SH5 as well. But like this simple online analyzing page. It's easy and fast and gives the most important info. If I really want to analyze rates/times, band switches and directions I take SH5. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, ik denk dat je aardig zou scoren wanneer echt 24 uur wordt besteedt aan het contesten. Het belangrijkste is bijtijds vastleggen in je agenda en bespreken met het thuisfront dat je er echt 24 uur tegen wil gaan volgend jaar. 73 Paul PC4T

    1. Hallo Paul, eigenlijk is dat bijna onmogelijk. De 2 verjaardagen komen altijd weer terug rond die tijd. Moet alleen geluk hebben dat het een keer zover verschuift dat de verjaardagen in het weekend na de PACC gevierd worden. 73, Bas


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