Monday, February 1, 2016

A possible nr. 80

I went back on 30m WSPR receive with the horizontal loop today. After some disappointing days with the vertical I want to see if I end higher in the WSPR challenge charts. I already see a total of 104 unique spots since 0:02 UTC today. I also see that a lot of milliwatt stations are spotted. DK6UG and ZL1RS did spot 168 unique stations yesterday. It is obvious we in Europe will never end high in the distance charts as most of the spots are nearby compared to what they spot in ZL, ZS and VK. DK6UG for example has only 15th place even with the top amount of unique spots.

A possible WSPR DXCC nr. 80 showed up this early morning. I need to get the laptop to transmit a WSPR signal for that to get it. But it will not be a easy task. I received his 5W signal with extraordinairy low signals. C91PM is located in Mozambique, Africa.

In the mean time I continue my 100 DXCC in 100 days QRP challenge. I'm at 52 now working Japan on 15m. That was not easy, despite very strong signals from Japan from at least 4 or 5 stations. But finally JA5BDZ did copy my signal and we made the QSO.

The plan for tomorrow is to move WSPR receive to 60m for a change. Curious how that's working out.


  1. Will listen out for you with my indoor magnetic loop on 60m, Bas!

    WSPR is great, but it does sadly highlight the economic disparities of the world in that so very few stations are active from so many regions. However, even in fairly rich South American nations, where WSPR might have taken hold, there are only a very few stations.

    1. Don't forget I will not transmit on 60m WSPR. The frequency is below our allocated 60m band. However, if you like to have a sked on 60m JT65 or JT9 that would be very nice. Indeed there are more WSPR activities from Africa then South America. A strange thing...73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas