Friday, October 16, 2015

Online loggers

The amount of online loggers has been increased over the years. There is no need for a logging program on your computer as long as you got internet. And there you have the main disadvantage. Although these days you can't imagine you haven't got a internet connection it is still a network that can be out of order. If you only use a online logger you can't log on the moment there is no internet. So, there are some loggers that are online only and some that can be connected by a log program. Some of the loggers are very sophisticated, some have build in DXclusters, some can show you very nice statistics and some have a possebility of confirmation with eQSL for instance. I made a list of the online loggers with their features I could find and what worked for me. Probabely there are more, so if you don't see a logger please feel free to let me know at the comments.

Features: One of my favorites. And it intergrates with HRD. Showing log on internet (websites and various options), license plate with your call (callplate), dxccplate, various log options, iQSL (instant QSL), QSL exchange, Map analysis, eQSL and LotW integration and lots more. Really worth trying...

Features: Might be not as sophisticated as HRDlog. But is interesting due to the handy DXcluster integration. Several colors will give you a quick overview of what you worked/confirmed. The only
problem is the italian language. I quickly made a new diagram legend in both English/Dutch. The program has limited CAT reading for your logbook in collaboration with CAT control software from IZ2BKT (not free!). I tested this software and it works fine but the log implements a strange reading of the frequency (see the photo). Logged one station this way (SV3FUO). Just to test...I expected I could go to the frequency from the station spotted by clicking on it when I had CAT control but that is not the case.

I actually find this cluster thing very useful and something I haven't seen at other online loggers.

Features: Part of the famous pages. Logbook looks are very nice. Best options as far as I can see is the integration of LotW. You can import all LotW QSOs. You can earn some awards and show them on your QRZ page. Very clear and simple interface.

Features: Also one of my favorites. Not only a QSL exchange site but you can use it as logger as well. There are many awards/certificates you can earn and number of users is huge. If you like to exchange QSL this is your site. It is easy to setup multiple activations all within their own time frame and with their own QSLs and log.

Features: You can log online, but you can do that with other loggers too. It is wat it is and the only feature I find useful might be the log statistics. Interface is clear and easy to read.

You will not see LotW and Clublog as I only think a real online logger is one were you can log contacts live online. LotW and Clublog only allows uploading of your log. is another one. Features: It integrates with Winlog32. Haven't got a account for it. Seems this site is only working with IE?
I've tried to register but haven't been successful. I don't know if direct logging on the internet is possible.


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    1. Je hebt gelijk Jan. Heb onderstaande stukje aangepast. In Clublog kun je ook helaas niet rechtstreeks loggen. Alleen uploaden is mogelijk. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas, all these are interesting. I am using Lotw although user interface is a bit dated and Eqsl. Thats enough I suppose hihi. The interacts with Winlog32 and not Logger32 which is my favourite logger but does n't permits real time integrations unfortunately.
    73 SV1GRN

    1. I will correct it in the post. I am also using LotW and eQSL. But you can't use LotW as online logger. Only uploading your log is possible. 73, Bas


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