Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Light

Bert PA1B wrote me a e-mail as he did read my first postings about the 30m W5OLF VCXO-AXE WSPR beacon. He wrote me his thoughts about it.This is my free translation:

I've been reading the first article and results about the 30m W5OLF VCXO-AXE beacon this afternoon. The fun of this hobby is that you build a small transmitter or receiver which you can test instantly with spectaculair distances as result. I saw your first spots of January 5th then I realized it's just like "First Light" when you look through a new built telescope. That's why I made a summary for your blog from these very first 2 minute transmission.

Bert is a very special radio amateur. As he sees milliWatts what we see as Watts. A 1000 milliWatt would be QRO for him. Bert, thanks for analyzing the first spots. If my beacon had a power of just 1 milliWatt it would have been spotted in Wales and Norway. Amazing!

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