Saturday, September 13, 2014

Revival of the 10m band?

I have been looking to the northern sky last evening and at 2 UTC in the morning. Looking at this website as other monitoring sites were out of service probabely due to overload by visitors, Monitoring 2m as well. But no signals and no aurora, at least not visible with the eye. However the polar light was there and people on Terschelling Island made some photos. A photographer from my village claims he made some photos but it is absolutely not shure if it would have been something else.

Because of his almost day by day blogging about WSPR on 10m I read Roger's G3XBM blog . I like 10m a lot but most of the time the band is closed when I have time for the hobby. I thought the CME would totally wipe HF but friday evening I had 2 QSOs on 10m JT65, LU8EX (-13dB, 11550km) and CX8AF (-18, 11550km as well!) both with 5W and the vertical. I would say that 10m propagation slowly is on the way up. So, I decided to leave WSPR running this saturday, hopefully for something special happening when aurora propagation would have come up. Unfortenately stupid Windows decided to update and restart the computer at night. So no WSPR back on line and no spots till morning when I discovered it. I left WSPR running over the day and was not disappointed I even got the 75the DXCC with my WSPR 1W signal as I was spotted by TJ3TS from Cameroon.

I think it is time to quickly rebuild the 10m HB9CV and exchange it for the W2000 VHF/UHF vertical again.

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