Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Somebody is reading my blog ;-)

Well I'm not the only one reporting but since I got the e-mail as well..... Probabely someone involved in he CQWW contest committee did read my blog and thoughts about the CQWW assisted category. Or there were more people that were confused. Here is the e-mail:

Dear Fellow contester,
Many of you do not subscribe to the contest reflector or CQ magazine and you may have missed our public announcement.  The CQ WW Contest   Committee would like to inform you via this news letter that the ASSISTED CATEGORY award program has been greatly expanded.

n  We announce the strengthening of the assisted awards program. Starting with the 2010 CQ WW contests, the assisted category award program will be greatly expanded.
n   All Low Power and QRP assisted entrants will be specifically listed and eligible for awards as is already the case for unassisted entries. 
n  band-by-band breakdown for all band assisted World, Europe and USA will be provided within the 2010 results. 
n  Lastly, the number of plaques available to assisted entrants will be increased to include Europe Assisted All Band and all World Assisted Single Bands. 
We hope that this action provides an incentive for entrants using a QSO spotting system to join the assisted category.
Please make a note that the log submission deadline for SSB has changed to Nov 21, 2010 and for CW to Dec 21, 2010.
Bob, K3EST
CQ WW Director

Ik ben niet de enige die er over schrijft maar omdat ik deze e-mail kreeg....Schijnbaar heeft iemand van de CQWW organisatie mijn blog gelezen. Of er zijn meer mensen die commentaar op de regels hadden.


  1. Hi Bas, the power of the pen !!! You never know who is reading our blogs. We may not get reacties but believe it or not there are those that do read our blogs....well thinking that helps me sleep at night..:)

  2. Mike, I always like to have some comments. Many are given to me when I'm attending to local radio club. Most of the members do read my blog but rarely give a comment online. Anyway, the blog serves two things. Anyone can read my thoughts and adventures about radio and I got a nice archive. I think that I'm the one that read my own blog most. But certainly read your blog and others as well ! I'm glad you have a nice sleep....;-) 73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas