Saturday, 18 April 2015

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Usually the time after the CQ WPX is to spend at the computer to do some QSL administration. A lot of eQSL was waiting. I installed the new LOTW software and also did need a new certificate for validation. Besides that, my log (old HRD) is not supporting the JT9 mode and there is no possebility to add it like in the newer HRD logbook. So I have to change everything by hand. I did try some more updated logbook programs but still find the old version 4 HRD logbook best for my needs. It took some more time this year as I have all kind of other projects going on here in the house. No radiotime at all, but that doesn't matter as propagation was not that good lately.

One of the projects and
going on
After the administration I had to upload the log to several sites. I upload the log to eQSL, LOTW, Clublog, Hamlog, QRZCQ and This way I'm always certain I have a back-up of the log online spread out at several sites. Besides that people can look into my log to see if I worked them at several places.

When viewing the eQSL cards I always come across most interesting designs which are shown above. eQSL is my most favorite way of QSLing. It's fast and you're free to design a card yourself (if you made a donation to eQSL!). I found that lately especially russians have designed very nice looking cards.

For overview and statistics Clublog is a must. It is very clear what countries you worked and which ones I need to send QSL to to get them confirmed. A super handy thing is the OQRS (QSL request via internet) build into the QSL charts page. I did at least 6 requests for QSL via bureau via this system.

Signing the log
I have to admit that the new TQSL software from the ARRL LOTW program is a lot easier to use then before. Very handy it uploads the log automatically. The LOTW program is least populair here as it is pure administrative. Calls, dates, times....nothing graphical, no emotion. Don't like it at all but use it to confirm and validate a contact for those that obey the validation rules by ARRL-LOTW.

QSL administration needs valuable time but is part of our hobby just as making QSOs or homebrewing radio gear.

Monday, 6 April 2015


Anneli trying to climb the

Loop in a box...
And gone it is. End of the winter season is end of the horizontal loop. Every year people calling me crazy. Why not leave the antenna. It proved to be a solid performer and a good DX and NVIS antenna. Well, let me explain. The antenna is big (for dutch standards) and it is set up around the garden. The garden is family property and not for me only, my XYL hates to look at the antenna in summer. Since it is not the only antenna I have it has to go for the summertime. I will build it again for the next winter season in November. I took a close look at the materials this year and it seems that I will need to get a new wire. The insulation of the wire has been damaged at several places. Besides that I'm thinking of something that is stronger and not as sturdy as electricity intallation wire. Although solid copper is the best thing you can have for such a loop I think. The glasfiber masts are also getting worn, it might be better to cover them all with tape or paint to protect them agains UV, weather and water. I'm still thinking about that.
Poles for next year..
I need to make another mount for the ladderline because it is slapping against the house when there are high winds. Have to think about that as well. For now I will have to do with the alu tape vertical and the HB9CV for 10m. When the ES season is starting the HB9CV will probabely be replaced by the V2000 vertical so I can do some 6m DX as well.