Friday, 29 April 2016

OZ/PE4BAS last day 20m

After some PSK/JT65 on 20m I decided to stay on WSPR this band today. I will pack the station in the evening and leave tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


It seems not to be easy to receive me in the Netherlands. Though my signal has been seen worldwide on 30m WSPR. I did receive some dutch stations on 30m but not too many. So, the second half of the week I move to 40m WSPR. Still my location is not guessed yet. PE1BVQ Hans is the only one that knows were I am as I wrote him last week. So, let me know were I am with my locator, QTH and prefix. It shouldn't be that difficult.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

?/PE4BAS find me!

I had never thought that finding me was difficult. I've done transmisions on WSPR, JT9, JT65 an PSK31 on 30m. But haven't seen the right location on my comments? It can't be hard as I am appearing in several databases. I have no possebilities to hang the endfed. And so I'm only transmitting with the MP-1 antenna. The results are very good with only 1W been heard in ZL. I don't see many dutch stations however and have not been spotted there as well so far. I think I am too close? Better choose the 40m band for the next half of the week? The MP-1 tripped over several times and the tripod broke already. But I manage to repair it everytime till now. Still curious who will find me and has the right location/locator.