Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tune indicator

Interesting video which shows a very simple indicator. However it only works well with a endfed type antenna. I've tried it on a loop just besides the varco, the led blinks but not at the right moment.
I remember in the past I had a commercially made simple clamp on meter which you could clamp on a mobile antenna to tune it without the use of a SWR meter. It is just the same as this device, although this one is fun to make and a lot simpler and cheaper.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Still think it is a miracle

FT8. Started at the highest band with propagation which was 15m. But only one weak signal was received. 17m much more DX, but my signal didn't come out, at least I was unable to work the DX, same for 20m. 30m some more luck, but no real DX. 60m same thing.....ehhh, but then....the miracle happened. So unfortunate Australia is still not allowed on 60m. Great report -15dB from VK7BO Tasmania. I was working with 15W FT8 on my multiband coppertape vertical.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Could this be a future for #HAMradio

No, I have no connections with the company or business that have this idea. But I wouldn't be surprised if some radioamateurs were involved. Could this be a future for HAMradio and especially for emergency comms? I think this is a great idea!

Gotoky is device which allows you to stay connected with your friends and family no matter where you are. Gotoky connects to your SmartPhone wirelessly and allows you to seamlessly connect with other users within the range up to 5 miles or 8 kilometers through your Smartphone app. It works over standard license-free radio frequencies and it does not require any cellular infrastructure or satellites. You can talk, send/receive messages, send/receive location information, SOS signal and much more to other gotoky users for free. It is also compatible with standard Walkie-Talkies.

Well to make a long story short. This device turns a transmitter into a telephone network including text messaging etc. etc.  it has so many features especially if you are in need at a remote location. The device has a range of 5-15km but if it is compatible like they write I think the range for us radioamateurs could be significant higher. However, radio regulations for us as licensed operators could be a problem to use this device worldwide. Besides that you still need a smartphone to communicate, most of us do have it. But still a lot of (older) people don't. And there you have it, the average radioamateur is "old". The technology is available but I think it is going too fast for most of us within our hobby.  However, this could be the future also in our hobby!