Sunday, 25 January 2015

EP6T at the end of the DXpedition

Not much time for playing radio lately I decided to spend time this morning to try and work EP6T from Iran. I didn't give it much of a chance as EP6T was weak on 12m and 15m SSB this morning. The pile-up was still very busy. Luckely the operator did direct ON and PA stations to another split frequency in Dutch, that saved a lot of time as it took only one call to get in the log. I have been working Iran before so it is not a ATNO but to get QSL is another story. Hopefully EP6T will confirm via LOTW. Now, this DXpedition is located at Kish Island. But were is Kish Island? I've been looking for it and found it is a very touristic island with a large airport, shopping malls, touristic attractions, beautiful beaches and it has a free trade zone. I think it is one of the most luxuary parts of the country. What we see from Iran most of the time are women in black clothes and religious man with beards. But Iran has a very western side as well, a legacy of the past. At the moment there is a documentary on dutch TV about the life of the dutch journalist Thomas Erdbrink who is married with a Iranian women and lives in Iran. The documentary is in Dutch/English/Persian. I've just seen the first episode and it's very interesting. The documentary can be viewed online.


Thomas does like to interview people on the streets. And give a view of real life in Teheran. Not the thing we usually see in the news.

Iran has 80 million inhabitants and only 13 official radioamateurs. EP6T and the Rockall DX group are promoting hamradio in Iran and hopefully the number of radioamateurs will increase. However Iran is a country with many (invisible) rules and so I hope the new radioamateurs will be able to actually transmit in the end. Time will tell.

Update 26-Jan-2015: Totally unexpected I found EP6T transmitting in the afternoon on 10m, their signal was 5/9 on the HB9CV. But pile-up was huge. So all I could do was sticking on a frequency and repeat my call when I knew the operator was doing a S&P. I was lucky at the end and made another QSO with EP6T on 10m SSB. I've been calling on 17m as well, but had little spare radio time left and so I had to let them go there.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The award program

John MW1CFN pointed me to the new award program from via his blog today. So I thought to give it a try. Not that I am a award hunter. But it looks nice on your QRZ page. So if you like you can participate as well. And it's not just for XML subscribers but for every registered hamradio call. Just log in and click on your logbook, when it opens you can click the award button on top and acquire one ore two.

Now the problem is that only a few operators are uploading/confirming on giving you only limited chances to get awards. Luckely it's now possible to download your LOTW confirmations and so that will give you some more chance.

This is how it shows on after you got the awards:

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ramifications of the 100% transmitting beacons

Reading and commenting on a post about the new 10m W5OLF WSPR beacon AE5X John made and tested, something important has been pointed out. Regarding the use of 100% transmitting beacons on WSPR, you should read this comment first! There are not yet so many of these new WSPR beacons around but if this type of beacon really becomes populair whe face a bit of a problem. WSPR signals can be heard on a fixed part of the band in a bandwidth of 2500 Hz (200Hz audiobandwidth), as long as beacons only transmit a percentage of a 100% time span it's easy to fit more then 100 stations in this bandwidth. But if these WSPR kits become populair and you live near some (20-30) of these continuous beacons it will be hard to find a free frequency to transmit or receive a WSPR signal. Luckely my 30m W5OLF WSPR beacon does not have this problem as it the 2 minute transmissions are triggered by a timer. Another thing you have to think of when using these kind of transmitters is that a TX only beacon is a bit selfish. If everyone is using these kind of TX only beacons no one is spotted anymore. Because of this I will only use my beacon occasionally.