Sunday, 4 December 2016

Revealing 10m HB9CV details

Remember my successful efforts to built the HB9CV without a matching capacitor? Well, many nice contacts were made with the HB9CV on 10m. But it always has to go in summer in exchange for the 6m antenna. A radio hobbyist never has enough masts for experiments ;-). I got a few e-mails for measurements of the antenna so I have been measuring when building the antenna today. That is not a guarantee this will work for someone else after a exact reproduction. The antenna is made through experimentation, it always had the same length of coax on it and it always is on the same mast on the same place. However if you build the antenne like me and keep in mind length of radiators and phase lines can be altered it must be possible to get a good working antenna.

To give you a impression of the construction some extra photos were made. I know the antenna looks like garbage with a lot op tape, kit and scrap. But my experience is that the ugliest antenna works best.

Just before I slide both sides of the reflector
on the threaded ends. Threaded end is one piece
mounted through the boom hold in place with 2 nuts.

Detail of how the phase line is mounted

Connection of the coax on the phase line at the director side

Phase line reflector side. I used hose clamps on both
phase line as reflector tubes so I can slide for best SWR.
Of course you have to slide the same amount on the director side.

Detail of the mounted boom/antenna/phase line
Of course the photos are made before I covered all important connections with a thick layer of tape. It still is important to keep it all watertight as possible.
This antenna might look difficult to make but it isn't. All materials can be found in a DIY shop except of course the coax. I used a old boom from another antenna but you can use something else too. In the past I even made a lightweight version with thinner elements and a square boom instead of a round one. I used alu rods for the phase line because it's strong and I can dismantle the antenna easily. But you can use copperwire as well, I actually used it when experimenting with this antenna. It's just what you have at home at what works for you to construct this.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

One year on 60m

Remember exactly one year ago I was one of the first stations from the Netherlands legally on 60m. Those first days were great and every station was DX. I've been more active on 60m lately if time allows but it is hard to work any new ones. Most DX is very very early in the morning when I am sleeping. Oh yes, a real DXer would be on the frequency to work the new ones so I guess I'm not a real one then ;-). 60m DX seems to be a challenge and is not so easy although more and more countries are allowed to be on 5Mhz. Most of the DX is playing at 5.357MHz JT65. So far I worked 27 DXCC countries which are (sorted by countryname):

Not shure if all contacts are legal. As far as I know 60m is not allowed in Italy and Ukraine though they are contacted and in my log, change of rules can be fast and there is probabely a special license for experimental reasons possible?
The dutch telecom agency was too generous to us here in the Netherlands allowing us 100W on 100KHz. Since the WRC-15 (World Radiocommunication Conference) dutch telecom decided the rules will change to the region 1 uniformity of 15W on 15KHz (5351,5-5366,5KHz). That doesn't necessarily means less DX as 15W proves to be enough to get your signal around the world on this band. You don't believe that? Well, my signal has been received by VK7BO (Tasmania, Australia) on 60m JT65 and I was transmitting with 15W.

From the WRC-15 provisional final acts we can read:

Read: MOBILE except aeronautical mobile. That means that my QSO with PH9HB/AM was unique and will never legally happen again anymore when rules are changed. So far so good, if Jeroen will be active on 60m this end of the year you can still make a unique QSO of course! So keep your eyes and ears open on the frequencies you can still use at least in 2016. There might be contacts possible that can't be made when we are limited to the WRC-15 60m allocation. Not that it is a matter of propagation or power, difference in worldwide rules could be a barrier.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A room with a view

A day off the job. Not much time for radio although I was active with WSPR on 20m as there were new ones to get, but unfortunately those did not decode me. We are busy to get the new "living" room ready for our daughter so she can store her toys and have her own place. It will be her "study" room when she gets older. This room is has a nice panorama view out of the windows, I think it's the best room of the house although the view is to the south and it can get hot in summer.

Our house has been built in 1935 so it has a history. It has seen world war 2 and I recently did read a book about what happened here in Roodeschool and vicinity. A certain Family Gorter has been living here in our house from 1937-1965 and they certainly have seen the Germans at the end of the war when they drove away in the direction of Germany and of course they have seen the allied troops which were Canadian. The house also has a small basement and I always felt that they have been hiding there when things went dangerous. It has been written in the book that at the morning of 21 April 1945 everyone in this village was hiding in their basements or in hiding places. It was at the end of the war and there was a lot of rockets fired from the island of Borkum to the dutch coast. One house here in the village was hit and one woman died. That same day our village was liberated from the German occupier. Well, at that time electricity was fed into the house above the ground (now not very common in the Netherlands anymore). This can still be seen in the corner of this room. It might look ugly but I leave it just as it is...

It has been a lot of work sanding and painting today and still it is not ready. As you can see we have some special tile work as well. Now, what has this picture to do with hamradio you think. Well, take a good look yourself and give me a comment. I'm curious if someone spots it.