Monday, 30 March 2015

#cqwpx DXing with CQ World Wide WPX 2015

Never did make this much QSOs in any contest. 840 in total. A record for me and it could have been even more if I would made some more CQ runs. The problem only is that I'm used to listen and scan for DX. I'm intrigued by low signals from the most remote places. Hunting ATNOs during contests is not a wise decision if you want to score. But what the heck, it's just what you like and I had fun with it. Spend too much time calling "weak" or "busy" DX stations instead of working as much prefixes as possible.

Propagation was not too good on 10m, although DX could be worked it was not really worldwide. Almost no USA, only a few that were lucky to have propagation to Europe. No ZL and only a few VK on 10m have been heard. I was not able to work VK this time although I did hear a few of them on the band. Despite the bad east-west propagation the north-south propagation was better and countries in Africa were almost easy to work, to the north there was XP1A from Greenland with a real 9+60dB all the time. 15m was a little better, Saturday morning strong trembling signals from Alaska, really like those polar signals. Have it on video and will show it later on the blog, easy to work these guys. Actually the high bands were open very early and closed very late so I really spend too much time on it. On the other hand, with the detoriating propagation next couple of years it could be the last chance to work DX this easy on these bands. I'm always suprised by the DX that can be worked at strange times. Like 9N7FD from Nepal at 21 UTC on 20m when it was dark at both sides, could be longpath although I can't find out as I have no directional antenna. Never heard so many stations from Nepal before this year and worked 3 different stations on 20,15 and 10m. Another strange experience was the super strong signal suddenly from VY2ZM at 2230 UTC on 40m, that is very early actually and probabely just in his morning greyline. His signal was a honest 9+20dB, have this on video also.

Most interesting DX by band:

10m: 7QAA (Malawi), E2X (Thailand), BY5HB (China), ET3AA (Ethiopia), 9N7CC (Nepal), VU3DMP (India), XW1IC (Laos), ZS9M and ZS9Z (Rep.South Africa), JA3YBK (Japan), WP2Z (US Virgin Islands), 8P5A (Barbados), P40L (Aruba), PJ4Z (Bonaire), PJ2T (Curacao), ZF2DX (Cayman Islands), FY5FY (French Guyana), HK3C (Colombia), CE3CT (Chile), 6Y4W (Jamaica), 9Y4W (Trinidad and Tobago), OA4O (Peru), HC2AO (Ecuador), ZP6DYA (Paraquay), BV0J (Taiwan) and of course lots of Brazil and Argentina.

15m: WL7E and KL5DX (Alaska), 9N7WE (Nepal), JO3DDD (Japan), VC6K (Alberta, Canada), BY5HB (China), J79MM (Dominica), 5J0B (San Andres Island)

20m: VK3TZ (Australia), YB2DX (Indonesia), BY9CA (China), JH4UYB (Japan), 9N7FD (Nepal), KH7XX (Hawaii)

40m: 4Z5ML (Israel), VY2ZM (Canada), 9Y4W (Trinidad and Tobago), FY5FY (French Guyana), WP4X (Puerto Rico), PJ4Z (Bonaire), HK1T (Colombia), PJ2T (Curacao), WY3P (USA), RC9O (Asiatic Russia)

80m: VY2ZM (Canada), 5E5E (Morocco), D4C (Cape Verde), YW5T (Venezuela), KB3WD (USA)


CQ WPX last logged QSO 5J0B

Didn't have time yet to analyze the log from the wpx last weekend. Have to do my homework first and send the log in before I can write something in this blog. I followed the advice from PH0NO Lars and planned this weekend in the agenda long time ago. It gave me the possebility to concentrate on the contest almost the whole weekend. The only ATNO from the list I've heard was 5J0B from San Andres Island. But despite hearing him on 10m and 15m the pile-up was too big and I couldn't reach him. Lucky me, just before I thought to call it the end I saw him spotted by a PA station on 15m. So, I quickly typed the frequency in the logfield and heard him with 55 QSB, not too busy. Unfortenately late in the evening QRM is also S5 on the loop, but S0 on the vertical. So, I switched, loop for TX and vertical for RX. It worked and a few calls later I was in the log. At least one ATNO worked this CQ WPX contest. 5J0B was QSO number 840 in my log and I went QRT after the QSO.

More about the CQ WPX contest later....

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

#cqwpx CQ WPX SSB 2015 wishlist

The CQ WPX SSB, the opportunity to work rare DX, lots of DX. With the help of the excellent "Announced DX operations" list from NG3K  I composed a list of DX that I would like to work as they all are ATNOs for me. It looks like I have more time to spend as last year and hopefully I will be able to work some of these rare DX stations.

5J0B San Andres Isl.
JD1BOW Ogasawara
V6Z Micronesia
KH8B American Samoa
PJ7PL Sint Maarten

Hopefully another DXpedition will take part or can be worked somewhere (WARC).

C21EU Nauru