Thursday, March 28, 2024

My quest to learn CW (4)

 Steady I go. I try to practise everyday. But this is difficult in weekends when I have so many other distractions. Most CW learning is done at my job lunchbreak. In weekends, if possible, I practise on my phone with the Morsemania app.

So far I find Learn CW online to be the most convenient way to learn. 

Above my statistics. I already started at the end of 2023. But started to learn with CW online in January. So far 46 days, the remaining days were not without CW. I always try to translate all kinds of text and numbers in my head. As you can see I was able to decode till 40wpm, not bad considering the few months I'm learning CW now. However, plain text is another story. 

My main goal is to make a QSO without the help of a computer. That will require a key or paddle. I have a key but hesistate to connect it to my IC-7300. Don't know why actually. Those who know CW tell me that the fastest way to learn morse is to get on the air.

In the mean time I'm now in the process of doing the lessons on 28wpm with effective speed at 8wpm after I finished lesson 40 with 28/7 wpm.


VE9KK said...

Good morning Bas, very nice to read about your adventure and you are doing what all of us did. We all used the time that we had and learned when we could. Very exciting to read about your movement forward with the code.

Sverre Holm said...

Keep at it and don't give up! Sverre/LA3ZA

PE4BAS, Bas said...

@Mike, tnx. Your blog posting also was a great help. Learning goes slow, but I have fun.

@Sverre, tnx as well. I really want to persevere this time. I will keep going on learning.

73, Bas