Friday, September 22, 2023

Visiting satellite communication ground station

 My dad and I visited the Inmarsat sat communication groundstation last weekend. I has been very interesting. We made some nice photos I would like to share here on my blog. Although not far from my dad his home I never really been in that area. Normally this terrain is closed for public of course. But last weekend there was an open day because of  the 50 years anniversary. Not on the photos (just forgot) was the amateurradio station with the call PA50B. I met some HAMs that also visited the station.

We were not allowed to make photos inside the buildings. But I couldn't resist to photograph this. It is a ESD test device to verify you are entering an important sensitive electronics containing building discharged of any build up static electricity.

In realize now that I the amateurradio station is at the left of the sat dishes. Right of the green building.

I'm shure some amateurradio sat operators would love to get this scrap...

My dad in comparisation to one of the "ears"

Well it was an interesting visit. I was not aware that they not only provide emergency communication for ships but also internet for several ships and planes. At this moment there is a lawsuit going on between inmarsat and the national telecom operator who wants to have more bandwidth for their 5G system. It would be a pity to lose such a life saving communication station because the telecom providers want to believe people want faster internet on their phones...


VE9KK said...

Good morning Bas nice to see you posting again, very interesting place for sure. Very nice that it was opened up to the public for a short time. These are the kind of places you always wonder what it is like to get up close to.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Tnx for the comment Mike. It was really a nice opportunity. We had a great day. 73, Bas