Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Grey world

 For the last few days we didn't see any sunshine much. It is getting colder, windy, it is getting darker every day. Rain, lots of rain. Winter is arriving. Lot's of people get depressed now. How many months till everything changes. 

But we can look back at a lovely summer...



  1. Good morning Bas, yes it's the same here with evening dark before dinner but the mornings at this point are nice and light at 6:30am. The other day we had our first snow fall of 25cm. The forecast for Monday is another 15-20cm I am guessing the snow blower is going to get a good workout this winter. Very nice pictures of the summer and before you know it the summer will be here.

    1. Yes Mike, they expect snow here tomorrow. But 25cm, wow, that doesn't happen here often in the last decades. Well, it's all the same on the northern hemisphere. And I shouldn't complain as it is worse in the more northern countries. But hey, you're right.....soon it will be summer again. 73, Bas

  2. Dirty dark weather indeed. Very depressing. Cold is not a problem. Rain and wind drive me crazy...

    Winter can be nice when it's cold and the sun shines. You can at least go out then.

    Actually, how long has it been that there was a REAL winter?
    It giet oan in 2022??? I really would like to watch an Elfstentocht again. 25 years is a long time. Now we have to mow the lawn on Christmas.


    1. Hello Franki, I agree about the wind and the rain. Every year they expect a real winter. But so far de elfstedentocht didn't happen in the last 25 years. We will see what happens this year. Lawnmowing on Christmas? Are you serious :-) :-). I'm happy I've got a robotic lawnmower now, all I have to do is watching it mowing the grass ;-). 73, Bas

  3. Lovely images Bas and a nice ‘pick me up’ from the horrible driving wind and rain that has spoiled my little 4 days off work (apart from day one). I agree with Franki that winter can be a lovely time if it’s dry and bright. But roll on Spring - and hopefully an end to all the negative effects of this darned pandemic.

    73, Tom, M7MCQ

    1. These are dark times Tom. But there is always sunshine after rain. We just have to wait and make the best of it. 73, Bas


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