Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Playing DX hound for the first time

You might think I'm a expert on FT8. Being one of the first using the mode and then write about the DXpedtion mode various times at first last year. But in fact, I never heard or seen a DXpedtion station in real FT8 DXpedition mode on air. Till now that is. I actually saw 2 signals at once from XX9D (Macao) on 17m. I realized this had to be the real thing. I immidiatly went into the configuration to switch on "Hound" mode and started to call around 2000Hz since that was a unused frequency. A few calls later I got a report and my transmit signal was changed to XX9D received signal automatically. Unfortunately he didn't seem to get my report and got back again with a report, my transmit signal moved again to the new receive frequency and I finally got the RR73. For those that think this will work without CAT control, no way! The DXpedition needs control over your TX signal to move it to the frequency they listen on. I never experienced this before and think this is really awesome. Last year I already wrote that this Fox/Hound DXpedition mode will change the world of DX forever and I'm shure it does! I guess I'm a "experienced" operator now...

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