Friday, April 13, 2018

Log4OM as QSL processing logbook

Last year I wrote about replacing HRD V4 for Log4OM to process my logbook. I got a few comments how I was progressing and if it worked well. I use Log4OM only to process my log and QSL. It's not the only logbook which has features like bulk uploading to LoTW, eQSL and clublog. But for my needs it's perfect. Still I don't like the statistics you can view with this logbook but still have my HRD logbook installed and it's not the most important thing. These days clublog give you a perfect view on your DXCC status. Below a short (boring) video shot from the features I use to process my log.

Log4OM is free to use software and has so many features you can use. For example it has a very good DX cluster analyzing tool. I'm shure many operators are having a great tool with this software. However, I'm used to the old HRD and for me it is still the most simple but effective logbook software around.

Update 20-4-2018: After discussing Log4OM with PB7Z Bernard I realized I forgot to write that this software does support downloading of QSL card images from eQSL as well as importing your own QSL card scans. LoTW downloading in Log4OM results in a different approach regarding QSL confirmation, if a QSO is confirmed in LoTW the software will ad V (Validate) to your QSL rcvd status. Clublog does support this for your DXCC status.

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