Friday, March 4, 2016

Component tester

 Not that I'm a great electronics builder. But if I build something from used components I really like to know if they are still in good shape. Besides that it is handy to know what is ECB connection from a unknown transistor. I bought a very handy component tester for that at the radio fleamarket but had to build it first. Actually that went so fast I almost forget to make photos for this blogpost. Building of the device went smoothly and no faults at all. I really think this tool can't be missed in a radioshack. It measures ressitors, capacitors including ESR (series resistance), coils (induction), diodes, LED, transisitors, fet, triac etc. Wish I knew this before buying my cheap almost worthless chinese LC meter. This tool is so much better...

A small video below from another homemade component tester, looks different but does the same. Seems to be the same print layout. Actually I think this one looks really nice. I like the blue LCD...


  1. Yes Bas, nice tester. I build that one about a year ago. Used it often!
    The Chinese one is just as good, same principle. With an Arduino board this tester can be made also.
    The blue LCD is nice but needs backlight. The green one does not. The battery is happier with the green one... ;-)
    73 de Kees PE2KM


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas