Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It has been a while I wrote a real article in my blog. Lots of things happened and time is too short. It's summertime and that means a lot of work in and around the house besides the usual job. Summer means a lot of growth in the garden, we have a very nice climbing rose which is blooming more and more every year. It seems that we gave it a excellent place.

Lots of sun means lots of heat in the glass house. But there is a solution which gives some shade from the sun. I don't know if it is a typical dutch product? Many people ask me what it is and I only know it by the name temperzon. A kind of paint you roll on the glass and it turns white, when it gets wet by rain the white vanishes and gets transparent to let the sun through and it magically gets white again when drying. After the summer this paint slowly desintegrates and the glass is clean again. It's a nice invention...

Not been that active on the radiohobby lately. I'm trying to test & examine all of PD0FF's radio equipment I have to sell for him. So far I tested a few things and made photos from it. I will send a list to radio friends first so they have first choice if they want to buy anything. If you like to recieve the list as well please write me a e-mail. (You can find it at The final result from the PACC and the DKC has been published. I'm happy to be just in the top 10 of QRP section in the PACC this year, didn't have much time for it but there will be many years to follow participating in this great contest.

The Dutch Kingdom Contest is a new one and despite the bad propagation and lack of participation I finished as winner in the SSB low power section. Not bad and a nice thing for history as I am the first winner of this section in the first DKC. Can't help I am a proud winner ;-)

I really don't know when I have time again to write or even finish some articles here. So stay tuned and keep calm. Eventually I will be back...

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