Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dutch Kingdom Contest experience

Event: DKC 2015
Logger: N1MM+ most updated version with DKC ADC addition
Station: Icom IC-706MKIIG (100W)
Antenna: 20m copper wire at 4m AGL, HF multiband antenna at 9m AGL, W2000 VHF/UHF vertical for 6m.

Basically it was a nice contest. Although participation of others outside the Netherlands, dutch antilles and expats was very low. I have worked 54 stations and at least 6 expats. Known expats are PJ4NX, PJ4KY, WP4UX, CU5CQ, SM6XVI, M0MPM, I had to pull them almost all out of the noise as propagation was very low at times. If there had been some ES things would be totally different. There have been only one QSO on 6m with neighbour contest station PA6GR.
Total time active in this contest approx. 6 hours.

Some statistics:

40m: 20 stations, 2 expats, 5 DXCC
20m: 26 stations, 4 expats, 22 DXCC
15m: 5 stations, 1 expat, 5 DXCC
10m: 2 stations, 3 DXCC
6m: 1 station, 1 DXCC

I did the upgrade for the contest in N1MM+ as described in the last DKARS magazine and on their website. N1MM+ recognized the DKC contest but I got a lot of errors displaying during logging. Counting points was not correct as well as far as I could see.  It could be my computer is just too old or I misunderstood something. However the nice thing is the diverse multipliers and points you can earn in this contest. So I tried to figure out my score. This will be a approximate one as I don't know who exactly are counting as expats. Based on the known expats I would have 166 points x 250 multipliers = 41500 points. I'm curious what the score will be and if my counting was correct when everything is counted officially.


  1. Mijn computer hier thuis had dezelfde probleem, en bij PA6GR zijn de computers zo'n beetje hetzelfde. Daarom heb ik uit voorzorg maar DXSerial als contest gekozen en daarmee geen problemen gehad.

    Peter pa4o

    1. Ja ik had al begrepen dat ik niet de enige was met problemen. Het is ook een kwestie van experimenteren denk ik. Volgend jaar zal het wel beter gaan. 73, Bas

  2. Ik heb niet meegedaan, heb ik iets gemist?

    Laurens PD9X

    1. Ja, denk het wel Laurens. Het aantal deelnemers viel wat tegen vond ik. Had jou wel verwacht op 40m ;-) 73, Bas

  3. Good evening Bas, I was on during the weekend and was not able to hear any Dutch stations maybe the conditions were not all what great out this way.
    73 Mike

    1. Hello Mike, propagation was not that good. Though I made a very neat QSO wit Jim, VE1JIM in the contest on 20m. We talked a little longer. I believe he was living in Halifax. 73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas