Sunday, October 26, 2014


Julian G4ILO was a great inspiration for us all. It's a big loss for everyone that knows him. We will miss him. It was great to meet him on air in the past. Rest in peace Julian.


  1. Man, really sorry to hear this. I very much admired his attitude throughout the struggle. Condolences to Olga.

    John AE5X

  2. Ja Bas, een triest bericht. We zagen het allemaal al aankomen maar toch schrik je. We hebben een zeer deskundig zendamateur verloren. R.I.P.Julian. 73 Hans, PE1BVQ

  3. Very sad news about Julian. He was an great inspiration to us all during his brave fight with the tumour. He never lost his positive outlook and he fought it to the very end. RIP.

  4. Julian is one of the three radio amateurs I knew that died after having a braintumor. Although he was very optimistic and even had hope to survive I had a bad feeling about it. But through his contribution to the ham radio world we will always remember him. 73, Bas


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