Friday, June 3, 2011

CQ 6

Despite a chronic lack of time fo the radiohobby I spend half a hour on 6m this evening calling CQ. There was some fast moving ES on and signals were strong at one time and gone next minute. However I managed to contact 10 stations from Bulgaria, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. Not bad, and I hope the propagation is getting stronger this weekend as the UK six meter group annual summer sporadic-E contest will be on from 13:00-13:00 UTC.

Ondanks het chronische gebrek aan tijd voor de radiohobby heb ik deze avond toch nog wat CQ geroepen op 6m. Er was wat snelle ES en signalen gingen erg snel heen en weer. Soms sterk en dan een minuut later helemaal weg. Ondanks dat nog 10 stations gesproken ut Bulgarije, Spanje, Roemenië, Servië, Kroatië en Bosnië Herzegovina. Niet slecht, nu maar hopen dat de condities nog beter worden dit weekend, want dan is er het UK six meter group annual summer sporadic-E contest van 13:00-13:00 UTC.


  1. Good contacts Bas...I must try 6m sometime soon on the FT817...

    73 from Sunny Wales...Mark

  2. @Mark, better try it soon as 6m propagation is over before know.

    @Paul, see my station

    73, Bas

  3. Bas, great stuff on your 6m QSOs. Hope you get to enjoy some more openings this summer.

  4. I believe so Casey, but I'm not so into CW. Those QSO's were all in SSB.
    From what I read and hear is that the majority of all real DX is made in CW on 6m. 73, Bas


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